Friday, July 15, 2005

Oh gosh! I've got to redo my character all over again! ^^" Actually, I've managed to complete drawing my character of its front view but suddenly, I was told that I have to do the side view too which I hadn't even scanned into the thumb drive yet! I was surprised to hear that cos', I have done lots of changes on my original front view character and now I have to do the side view which is so much more tougher to do the same. Probably my character was far too detailed to do that I'll be having problems doing animations with it. My lecturer wanted us to do a simple character but I must've overdo it. Right now, I've came up with one new character and it's so DAMN CUTE! ^^

Today seems fun enough and tomorrow's the interview of the new members that have signed up for being a student council. I'm not sure what will happen tomorrow but I'll sure to see it through my own eyes. *Yawns* I'm dead tired..... I'm losing sleep plus, I think that I'm sick. I've had a sore throat, a running nose, I sneeze a lot and lastly, my eyelids are heavy. Must be the rain today this afternoon where I was together with my friends in filming a short story and at the same timing, it was raining cats and dogs on us. Oh my gosh! You should've seen the sunset at the beach at Parsir Ris! It's so BEAUTIFUL! The whole place was really relaxing too. Ahhhhh.... it was a great place to relax yourself sometime and I've just planned to come to the beach sometimes to relax myself plus, watching the sunsets and sunrises.

Oh! I've been waking up at 5:30am for a few days straight already which is so early. Normally, I only have to be up at that timing once but now, it's more than twice. Oh great... using tape to hold onto my eyelids aren't working! Bloody tape! I'd better get a better thing to hold up my eyelids. They're drooping down.... ARGH! I'm- *squints* not slee- *eyelids starts to close*-PING! I'M NOT! ARGH! Haiz... anyway, I've got to be up at 5;30am -again-! *groans* Must it always have to be at 5:30am in the dead of dawn? Haiz... No choice... who ask me to choose the college which is so far away from home? Stupid me. ^^"

Alright, I can't continue typing anymore. My eyes and nose are bothering me. One's drooping off to sleep, the other, running like a lose tap. I'm off to bed now...... 안녕히 가세요! (Annyeong-hi gaseyo -It means Goodbye in Korean| when you, the host is bidding goodbye to the guest)


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